Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Three Favorite Things...

Well, since I was tagged by Wendy (see link to her blog on the left of mine), I felt I must comply. I mean who am I to stop the chain.

Seeing as it is close to midnight I do not promise that this will make any sense, and I am going to say what comes to mind, so here goes:

1. Watching my kids - frankly I love to watch them grow and discover, I love to watch them sleep, and I absolutely, positively LOVE to cuddle with them. I love to hear Caiden call me "Mama" and talk his "big boy talk", and I love to glance down at Kiya and see her smiling up at me the whole time just waiting for me to look at her. I LOVE every moment that I spend with my kids. I am always torn between wanting to freeze time just to keep the moment alive, or let life continue so I can watch them grow, become independent, etc... I never thought I would be able to know the kind of love that I have experienced by being a mother. It is the BEST thing that I have EVER done, and there is NO TOPPING IT!!

2. Paying it forward - so to speak. You know like the movie. I love to think of something creative to do that will really make someon's day and actually DO it. The bigger or more unsuspecting the event or idea the better and more excited I become. I LOVE Christmas and it is not because of gifts that I get, I love to think of creative gifts to give to other people and watch them open them up. Of course I HATE it when people watch me open up gifts...too much pressure :P I like to do something when someone least expects it...just to make them smile. That is the BEST feeling :)

3. Nothing to Do - I would love a little downtime with no schedules, or plans. I would like to be able to be spontaenous and just LIVE LIFE!!! I feel like I am always running somewhere, that I would like some downtime, so that I don't feel that my whole life is planned. I would love to go hiking, read a book, or SLEEP!!!! I do love to sleep...I don't get to see the underside of my eyelids often, but when I do, I thoroughly enjoy it.

Ok, so I tag Heather and what'll it be girls?????


Stephen said...

First again! :P

I like this. You are a great mommy, a VERY thoughtful person, and you SOOOOOO deserve a little down time.

Wendy said...

I loved the first one you posted. I am not good with word but you described how I feel about Micah with your words how I never could. it is so amazing being a mom. I would never give it up for anything.