Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunch & A Movie?

Heather had this great idea, (and if you know Heather she will likely comment that ALL her ideas are great), but this one is a real zinger!

She thought what a great way to spend our time during our lunch breaks but to watch a movie in our cars while we eat the lunch that we brought. Of course we are in the same car so that we can enjoy the movie together (I felt I needed to mention that since my first sentence seemed to imply otherwise. Frankly, I am too lazy to hit the delete button and think of a new first sentence, so instead I decided to continue to babble rather than hit the backspace button and use my brain). This way we can save money, hopefully lose weight as we will choose more healthy alternatives to fast food, and TRULY enjoy some time away from the office.

Me with my healthy standby sandwich (100% whole wheat 45 calorie bread with mustard (0 calories), spinach and 98% fat free turkey).
Heather with her healthy meal - a smart ones pizza

Since it was Heather's idea she had first choice at the movie. We are currently watching Serendipity (which is a romantic comedy so I am a total sucker for it. I love it!). Since we do not have time to finish the movie in one sitting, we will be watching it over multiple days. Next week is my movie pick...I have no idea what to pick right now, so suggestions would be great.

Us being cheesy. I know. I look like crap. I got up late and didn't want to do my hair or make-up. Seriously I should be a better example to the team.

Today was our first day doing lunch and a movie and I really did feel relaxed during my break which is rare and wonderful. Kudos to Heather for a creative and great idea!! Three cheers for Heather...hip hip HORRAY!!! *now repeat two more times* :)


Stephen said...

HA! I'm the first to comment this time :P

Not to inflate Heather anymore but that is a REALLY good idea. You get out of the office, eat healthy, save money and have fun. I'm jealous. look good. you don't look like crap.

Wendy said...

That sounds fun. You go ladies!

HeatherW said...

Again I am a loser...3rd to sad.

I must admit I do have good ideas!! Yesterday was PERFECT. I got to watch one of my all time favorite movies, eat a healthy lunch that cost me $5 and relax!! I can't wait to watch the rest of my movie today!!