Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Visit With Dean

Well who can stay away from a new baby, especially one as cute as Dean Hester? Well certainly, I can't. Dave and I trekked it out to the OC to visit our new little nephew. Auntie Wendy, Uncle Jeff and Cousin Micah came to town especially to see the new arrival. Papa Jim and Grammie Sue came over too. :) It was great to have the whole family together with all the kids.

The best picture I could get of Grammie Sue, Papa Jim and the grandkids
Papa Jim and Kiya
Auntie Wendy and Dean
Dave and Kiya
Dean and Kiya - Sleeping angels...they are 4 months apart

Caiden and Micah had a ball playing together. First, they took a nap so that they could recharge their batteries for the big day ahead. Then they used the new headlamps that Grammie Sue and Papa Jim gave them to explore the dark crevices of Auntie Pam and Uncle Jake's house.

Micah and Caiden at the charging station - recharging their batteries. :P

Next they worked on stacking and "cooking". Finally, Grammie Sue did what ANY normal grandma would do....she took them BUG HUNTING!!! They got cups and went out on an adventure to look for bugs. Yes, this is quite the bug family. I'm cool with the long as they are not spiders :)

Stacking, grasping and cooking

Bug Hunting 101
Searching for the juicy ones and the BEST creepy crawly ones

Cade's stash o'bugs
Grammie morphing into a bug (I think she was a snail)

It was nice to spend time together chatting and catching up. I loved to watch the cousins play with each other. I can't wait until Kiya and Dean are old enough to join in on the fun as well. Each time we see each other the kids have grown so much, it is incredible!

Grammie Sue, Micah and Jeff
Wendy and Micah


HeatherW said...

Awwww I like the one of Kiya and Dean sleeping, she is getting so big!! Maybe it’s just because she is next to tiny Dean.

I was already aware of the headlamps and bug hunt from reading another blog…:) SORRY!! hhehehehe!!

Hart's Haven said...

We had a great time with the kids. It was alot of fun hunting for bug and just being able to be with all of you.

Pam said...

What a great time. It was fun to have everyone over. I love that everyone got to hunt bugs.

By the way, did you have to mention my home's dark crevices? Haha.

Stephen said...

What a great day of family fun! I love bug hunting with my boys. Crabs at the beach. Snakes in the woods. Spiders in the garage. All great fun!

Wendy said...

Great pics. I don't usually get as good of pics as you. I need to go more picture crazy. Thanks for the great pics.