Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kiya's First Taste of Organic Rice Cereal

Kiya recently hit a milestone...she had her first bite of rice cereal to be exact.

The taste

It says you can add formula (which I don't have), water (which I forgot about) or breast milk (which is readily available) to it, so I added the third, and gave it a go.

She seems to like it...I guess, I mean how can one REALLY be sure.

The reaction
The thumb

Here, you be the judge:


josh said...

Love the eyes in the first pic... too cute. She seems pretty disinterested in the food though... that third picture should have the caption "WTF was that Mom?"

JD said...

MMM... Don't you wish we could all eat that way and get away with it??

Stephen said...

I love the reaction "huh...... is that what everyone around me has been eating?"

Pam said...

that video was so stinking cute :)

barbatron said...

it is funny...with both kids I couldn't wait to give them their frist food...then shortly there after you it was so much easier when my body was there only nutrition!

Happy baby food stage!!!