Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Caiden's Banner

One of Caiden's first projects in Kindergarten was to introduce the class to who he is, by way of a banner. Each child was provided a banner and they needed to fill it up however they wanted. Since I've been out of the game so to speak, Dave and Caiden worked on this one together.

Caiden choose all of the categories himself (Dave did not veto anything), and then they chose the pictures and glued them on. I think it turned out quite well.

Clearly the orange behind Caiden's name is because it's his favorite color. The categories that Cade wanted everyone to know about him were: Firefighter (what he wants to be), camping/hiking, Soccer, Games, Snow, Swimming (things he likes to do) and of course Family (what is important to him). :)

It's hard to see the word for family because the letters are in blue, but I was touched that he added that. Here are a few pictures that Dave had to take since we didn't have them handy and Caiden insisted that they be included.

Caiden loves playing Crossbows and Catapults with Dave
And he found out in school that he has a natural ability for soccer. Mark Murphy gave Cade this soccer ball. :)
Caiden kicks :)

He is so focused :P


butterflydreams said...

I see scrapbooking in Dave's future!

Hart's Haven said...

Good job on the banner Caiden (and Dave)!!!

HeatherW said...

Good work Caiden!! It seems like all my friends have kids starting kinder this year!!